Holiday Sidewinder’s latest single "Leo" is the sassy Tinder-age anthem you’ve been waiting for.  
A disco pop celebration of no-strings-attached sexual conquest, "Leo" heralds a new era of female agency, like a Madonna for the millennial generation. Holiday is proving to be a unique pop visionary, à la Prince, flipping and subverting the standard narrative with bold sounds and a buoyant call for sexual liberation. She makes it crystal clear that when you speak "the language of love… there’s no need to mansplain”. 

As the next step in a compelling trilogy-so-far of releases through Personal Best Records, "Leo" follows on from the runaway success of "Tra$h Can Luv", which led Paper Magazine to call her "a global pop sensation" and the "cocky, glossy blur of pure hedonistic glam" that was "Casino", as described by Rolling Stone. With "Leo", Holiday has captured the modern zeitgeist and rolled it into a buzz-worthy, dance-floor anthem for our times.